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Available at the Chester General Store or online anytime!

House Blend
A custom blend of Brazilian and Sumatran coffees roasted to a level that brings an ideal balance of strength, warmth, and flavor. Works great as an everyday coffee, and also makes a great shot of espresso.
8.95 / 12 oz Bag

Costa Rica – Single Origin
With mild flavor profiles of citrus and apricot, these Central American gems have a pleasing sweetness and buttery smoothness that remains light on the palate. A morning favorite for many.
8.95 / 12 oz Bag

OO Dark Blend
A custom blend of Colombian, Brazilian, and Sumatran beans, developed to stand up to deeper roast levels. Made for those who require a dark and strong coffee experience without any compromise when it comes to taste and richness.
8.95 / 12 oz Bag

Steel Cut Blend
This rich blend of Costa Rican and Sumatran beans is roasted a bit deeper than an average coffee. Bold, spicy, and smooth – a perfect choice for those who aren’t content with the status quo and tend to take life by the antlers.
8.95 / 12 oz Bag

Espresso Blend
A balance of Brazilian, Costa Rican, and Bolivian coffees crafted to deliver the robustness required for great espresso. Rich crema and distinctive flavors abound, enhanced by a roast level that is deep but never overpowering.
8.95 / 12 oz Bag

Birches Blend
Swaying effortlessly between two single-origins from East Africa, this unique combination features a full-bodied taste of the old-world, which subtly incorporates notes of caramel and fruit that are a hallmark of offerings from this region.
8.95 / 12 oz Bag

Decaf Colombian- Single Origin
With an eye towards a full and satisfying coffee experience, these beans are roasted to an ideal level — so fresh and flavorful that you’ll never need to compromise on enjoying your favorite beverage any time of day.
8.95 / 12 oz Bag

These coffees are available for sale at the Chester General Store, which is located in the heart of town at 2 Haverhill Road in Chester, NH.

We are always happy to fill custom orders, either for pickup at the store or to be shipped wherever you would like via our online store. For any other info, please reach out with any questions via phone, email, facebook, etc. and we will respond in a timely manner to your request.